Our Facilities

Step into the world of hospitality and service..

British Cottage

The British Cottage is our marvel of architecture as well our specialty. It has been built using blocks of rock with its view opening on the forest meadows. The rooms are warm and nice during winter, and cold and breezy during summer. You can see the birds and animals from the large glass windows fitted specially for this purpose, while enjoying the safety and reassurance of a peaceful stay.

The King’s Chamber

The King’s Chamber provides the view of the mountain range leading upto Ooty. It has a large and private sit-out. The rooms are spacious and warm and therefore can give the feeling of staying inside the private chamber of a King.

Kerala Stone House

Kerala Stone House resembles the typical stone structure of a traditional Kerala home with the roof raised and built using tile and wood. The rooms retain the traditional ambience while providing a memorable stay and peace of mind. The view from the sit-out opens on the large green lands of the forest, where a large of animals such as the spotted Deer or the Indian Wild Dog could be seen. The twin rooms could provide a comfortable stay for a large family.


Enjoy the aroma of freshly cooked food with a wide variety of Chinese and South & North Indian cuisine for you to choose from. Everything prepared is fresh out of the pot and nothing is semi-prepared or half-cooked in advance. 

The Mountain View

You can enjoy the Mountain View directly from the sit-out amid the cold breeze of the mountains. You can also see the bright display of colours on the sky above at the first instance of the sunrise and hear chirping of birds as the day breaks. Our tree house has been built using strong bamboo and is cozy and warm inside and therefore elegant and comfortable.

Fun & Games 

Carrom, Volleyball, Children’s Park,Card, Chesss,Badminten– the Choice is endless.
Airport PickUp & Drop Facility  
We provide airport / railway station pickup and drop facility on request. We have Jeep, Innova , Benz Van & Indica.